Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

Whether you are a large-scale company or a small entrepreneurship, it is important that businesses should also be in touch with the local community where they are based or where they are expanded.  Respecting other cultures and workforce environments are important challenges in garnering success.  In recognizing these differences, together with a sound Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, your company can simultaneously increase shareholder value, boost employee engagement, and increase the recognition of your employer brand.

The human resource department has a critical role in ensuring that the company adopts a CSR program.  HR can also manage the implementation of the CSR and monitor its adoption proactively, while documenting its success throughout the company.  Here are some steps in starting your company’s own CSR program.

Implement and encourage green practices

Taking care for the environment is one of many CSR programs the HR can implement.  Promoting and encouraging your company to implement sound practices in reducing environmental waste also promotes and encourages stewardship growth, better corporate ethics, and long-lasting practices that promote personal and corporate accountability.  Its inherent value of embracing green aspects of corporate responsibility is also clearly understood, especially with the rising energy and utility costs.

Among the initiatives the company can adopt are recycling paper, cans, and bottles in the office; collecting food and donations for victims of floods and other natural disasters both in your local community and around the world; encourage reduced energy consumption; switching to laptops instead of PCs (as the former consumes 90% less power); promote brown-bagging, among others.

Foster a culture of social responsibility

The HR has a hand in creating a culture of change and responsibility.  Begin by getting your younger employees excited about your CSR programs, as they are already conscious about social responsibility.  Also, infuse enthusiasm for such programs, creating friendly competitions and recognition programs.

Celebrate corporate social responsibility successes

Celebrating the success of your corporate social responsibility programs is important in order to sustain momentum.  Get your company leaders involved and praise the success of these initiatives.  Also, the publicity that these successes generate creates a mutual understanding of the cultures within each region that the company serves.

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