Preparing for Special Holiday Events

Having a holiday party at your office goes beyond the all-night dancing and unlimited alcohol. If you are organizing a party in your office, here are some tips that would help you.

Find out the purpose of the event – Aside from the holidays, what is your company celebrating? Is it a way of saying to their saying "thank you" to the staff members? The clients? Or both?

Encourage clients to attend – Having your clients attend your party would actually prevent your celebration from getting out-of-hand, as your staff would be wary of their attitude.

Provide restraints – We don’t want our staff to do "silly" things that they would regret later on. Aside from inviting your clients over to your holiday party, consider putting the celebration on an earlier time slot such as afternoon or early evening, not having an open bar, or making it a sit-down affair.

Rules still apply – Remind your staff that this is a company function and the company rules of conduct are still in effect during the celebration. Managers are still "on duty" to oversee the event.

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