Surviving as a Young Manager

After several years-or even months-of hard work, you are promoted into an executive position.  It may feel great at first, becoming a young manager, but you then realize that the work is no walk in the park.  For one, you find yourself being envied by other people who have been on the job longer yet have been passed out in the promotion process.  How should you cope?

Do not be afraid of being lonely

Your ability to work alone put you in that executive position.  You may be buddies with other workers back in your rank and file days, but after your promotion your office friends begin to ask for some slack.  You need to impose your managerial rank to your officemates or else they would not respect you at all.  Tell your buddies that you need to remain professional while at the office.

Do not demand false respect

If you want to be respected by your workmates, do not demand for it.  Respect is given, not asked.  If you want to be addressed as Sir, work your best and prove to your workmates that you deserve to be addressed as such.

Handle insubordination calmly

As a young manager, older coworkers (especially those who felt they were "bypassed" on the promotion) may try to intimidate you.  If you ignore the infraction, this may lead to a more widespread intimidation. 

However, you need to maintain your calmness and cool when dealing with such insubordinates.  Any display of anger and frustration would only put you at the losing end. 

Handle insubordination behind closed doors, asking the perpetrating employees why they are breaking rules.  If you feel it was an oversight, simply leave a verbal warning. 

However, if you feel that they are challenging your authority, let them know you are about to write them up on their performance analysis.

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