Reasons Why Employees Leave

Resignations and turnovers are inevitable in every employer. However, if there have been a more-than-the-usual number of resignation letters piling on the office lately then maybe there is a problem you may want to fix. The following are issues as to why employees usually quit their current jobs, and how to retain them.

Your employees feel stuck in their current work

Your workers may feel that their current position has no hope of promotion. They look around and do not see any job they would like to do next. What you can do is to provide opportunities for lateral moves or skill-stretching assignments. Encourage your employees to initiate communications when it comes to exploring options within the organization.

They feel unappreciated in their current job

Despite their hard work, your employees do not feel that the boss or the workplace recognize their efforts. To fix this, show appreciation to your employees’ contributions. Establish an employee recognition team that can develop a process of recognizing the hard work and efforts of all your workers. Also, there are some cases that feeling unappreciated has to do with money, which can be solved by providing a policy on compensation reviews, as well as opening communication when a worker asks for a raise.

They feel overworked

Your office has probably cut back on hiring and are expecting employees to do more with fewer resources. Talk to your employees and find out if the job is indeed more work than one person can comfortably handle. You may also want to hire a new employee or part-time intern, as well as determine value-added tasks, and eliminate non-critical job components.

They dislike their career field

There are some cases that you employees have chosen the wrong career or field of work. If this is the case, it would be rude convincing them to stick to their jobs, and let them decide on their own.

They dislike their employer, coworkers, or customers

They may probably like their work, but not the people that they interact with. They may want to explore their options to move to a different employer, or move to a different department in the case of an unfavorable coworker.

They can’t stand their boss

This is the most common reason of all on why people leave their current work, when managers fail to provide direction, involve people in decisions about their work, appreciate staff contributions, and provide help developing employee’s talents and abilities. When a worker consults with you regarding this dilemma, see how you can remedy the situation. They may want to be transferred to another department, but if that does not work maybe you have to talk to the manager about your employees’ concerns.

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