The Causes of Absenteeism

For managers, there will always be the occasional absentee who works for him. This particular person will always be chronically absent and will probably not inform him or her in time for necessary adjustments to be made. This would probably be one of the worst things that could happen to a manager because it is essentially a domino effect.

It’s bad enough that statistics say that on any particular day, around 10% of his employees will be absent from work. There are different suggestions that have been given by many people but these are just some of the things that will help alleviate the problem:

When chronic absenteeism happens in your workplace, as a manager, you must simply look at all of the possible causes. That includes yourself. It is possible that in order to get rid of the chronic absenteeism that is happening in your office, you should look at your management style and ask yourself if you need to change anything about it.

Whenever employees call in ill, there are times that it doesn’t really mean that they are physically incapable of going to work. Sometimes, they are just too stressed out because of their workload or most likely, they are too stressed out with their relationship with their manager or immediate supervisor.

It has been proven that there are authoritarian types of managers who promote high levels of absenteeism among various employees. These managers are the people who do not have the necessary listening skills or ones which provide unreachable goals or maybe do not have the requisite communication skills in order for them to become effective managers at their jobs.

These are the types of bosses who demand that it must be "their way or the highway". One thing that could be done about this is that these managers could essentially be "trained" how to effectively lead their people at work. It would essentially reduce job burnout and take away chronic employee problems such as backaches and headaches. The important thing is to take a positive approach to solving a problem as difficult and as sensitive as this one. 

There are times that employees might be the reason why the quality of work is affected but just because a certain position allows you to technically lord it over your workers doesn’t mean that you are exempted from the problem. Look at your track record, examine and deal with it positively.




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