Should Your Company Have an Internet Use Policy

Whether you run a small or large business, personnel management is an important task of every manager. Since you have the clients to meet and projects to complete, you let the employees do their work independently unless or until there are problems.

However, there are times when your employees tend to "abuse" their time on the computer and utilize it for other purposes instead. If you are concerned about doing their job on time, they need to know the rules about your company’s Internet usage.

Put the policy in writing.

Every company should have a clearly-written policy on computer and Internet use. You could include it in their contract that they should sign on their first day of work (and you should sign it as well). You could also publish the policy as a memorandum. Indicate that you mean business and that the computers and Internet access line are intended to further the company’s goals.

Pick evidences of faulty Internet use.

There are some employees who feel that it is okay to check their sports bets on the Internet, or checking their personal social networking sites, or worse, looking for another job online. This is even they are made aware of your policy. If you suspect someone is abusing your computer system, talk to them and send e-mail reminders.

Tell the employees that they are there to work, not to shop or tend to their personal business. To make sure, you could also purchase some "snooping" applications that would keep a record of what your employee does on his or her computer-without them knowing it-and a report can be sent to your e-mail. Consult your local computer software expert on recommended brands.

Notify employees that they are being monitored.

You can set every computer with a "welcome note" indicating that they are being warned against employee surfing. In that way, the employees are probably less likely to stray, although they may resent the spying.

You could also set your computers not to allow any additional program set-up without administration permission, just in case some employees are savvy about adding programs for their self interest.

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