Choosing Office Furniture

Whether it is a large corporation or a small home-based business, it is important that you choose modern office furniture that ensures comfort, stability, and organization for many years.  Here are some great tips that would help you choose some good office furniture for your workplace.

Comfort should be the first priority

The International Labor Organization reported that an average American worker spends nearly 2,000 hours each year on the job, and most of the time they are either sitting on an office chair or poised at a desk.  This is why you should always consider long-term comfort in choosing office furniture before anything else.

Office furniture comes in different prices

If you can afford buying new office furniture, then do so.  However, if your business is small and cannot bear shelling out thousands of dollars for a set of chairs and desks, you may want to consider pre-owned furniture. 

You can find pre-owned furniture dealers even in your local area and they sell used desks, chairs, cabinets, and cubicles that still have that high-quality touch. 

These used furniture were acquired from large corporations that sell off their old equipment when updating their furnishings, downsizing, or going out of business.  The furnishings were then refurbished and make them look just as brand new, yet at a fraction of the original price.

Search for a good office chair first

The office chair is where employees spend most of their time during work, which is why this piece of furniture should be first-in-line before choosing other office furniture.  A good office chair keeps your employees from suffering from back problems, carpal tunnel problems, and other health concerns.

A good office chair should be adjustable to accommodate workers of different sizes.  It should also be made of sturdy material, especially at the base, so that it can also sit employees of different weights or so that the chair can tolerate sudden weight shifts when the employee reclines or hunches forward.

Purchase keyboard tray

Many office cubicles lack keyboard trays, but that does not mean they are unimportant, as keyboard trays are vital for a comfortable office work. 

Employees should avoid typing their keyboards at desk level to lessen the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.  A good keyboard tray should be able to move from side to side as well as up and down for precise positioning.

Choosing a good office desk

The office desk is the focal point of many work spaces, so make sure that you are choosing your desks based on attractiveness and sturdiness.  Wood is still the material of choice for many offices, such as cherry, walnut, mahogany, or oak. 

However, corporations who want to project a modern look may want to consider purchasing steel desks.  A high-quality desk should have drawers that operate on steel ball-bearing slides, and that all mechanisms are sturdy enough for lifetime use.

Choosing a durable file cabinet

Despite the age of paperless files, physical documents (those that were printed on paper) are still vital in organizing office documents.  This is why you need durable file cabinets that are made of heavy-gauge steel and the drawers have steel ball bearings.  Cheaper varieties have either fiberglass bearings or even metal-on-metal slides.

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