Serving Alcohol at Company Parties

There is a thing about festivities and alcohol-one seemingly seems dull without the other. Strange as it may seem, this also holds true for the events that a company holds. Whenever there are parties during the holidays or for special commemoration, alcohol has a sweet spot in these events.

Although everyone enjoys the occasional drink, it’s important that people do not get carried away. For people who are managing other employees under them, it’s important that you are immediately able to communicate that although enjoyable, alcohol should always be consumed in moderation. Like all good bosses, you should ensure that your employees live to work another day after that party.

So how does one break it gently to their subordinates? With regard to communicating sensitive ideas, it would probably appeal to the audience if it was done with a much better rapport. Here are some ideas that you could integrate whenever you’re dealing with something as sensitive as drinking during formal or informal office gatherings.

Review your company policy. It’s important that every employee knows about the stand of the corporation. It’s important that you stress that people should drink moderately during events held by the company.

It is vital that all employees maintain proper conduct whenever alcoholic beverages are served. You can take out the employee handbook and if the policy is present there, you might be able to read it off there and simply supplement with some of your insights regarding the policy.

You can also stress that drinking during lunch is something that should be avoided. You could probably overlook this rule only if the client is drinking. And most importantly, you should let the client order the first alcoholic beverage by himself without implying that you’re dying to drink beer at that particular point in time. Should this happen, the acceptable limit is simply one glass or one serving.

Another important reminder is to always serve simple food such as appetizers at the start of any party so that the employees will not be drinking on an empty stomach.

Another alternative is that you could also suggest to the upper management or whoever is organizing the next office party to provide non-alcoholic drinks such as iced tea or maybe juices to remove the emphasis from alcohol. However, be wary of serving drinks like punch because people might not have any idea how much alcohol they’re drinking in these drinks.


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