Becoming a Master of Persuasion

The art of persuasion makes use of many methods to be effective. There are techniques that master persuaders use in order to try and persuade people in different ways. The most important thing is to learn what it is that motivates people and work on that motivation in order to get them to do something.

If taken to the extreme, the art of persuasion can be used as a manipulation tool to let others do something at a loss to them but to achieve personal gain for another. In this case, persuasion can be used for the wrong motives and it should not be considered as so. In trying to become a master at the art of persuasion, responsibility of one’s actions is extremely important.

One method of persuasion that is commonly used involves creating a need or appealing a previously existing need in people to know how to motivate them. Everyone has their own desires and wants in life. it is this desires that drives people or motivate them to do something. This type of persuasion usually appeals to a person’s fundamental needs and desire for shelter, love, self-esteem, and success. A master of persuasion knows how to make use of these desires to motivate people to do things.

Another very effective persuasive method is one that appeals to the need of people in their desire to become popular, prestigious, or at par with others. This type of persuasion can be noticed more prominently in television advertising where the viewers are persuaded to buy items so they can be like everyone else or be like a well-known or popular celebrity. Television advertisements and commercials expose millions of people to the art of persuasion at work considering that the average American is claimed to watch between 1,500 to 2,000 hours of television each year.

Evidence can be used as another method of persuasion and can really be a powerful tool. It is used more frequently by lawyers who know very well that it needs to be used with care to achieve the maximum effect. The most effective use of evidence in persuation is through the engagement of the audience.

If people are intellectually involved in thinking about a certain situation or, better yet, experience the evidence for themselves, then people will increasingly be more likely to be persuaded and also more likely to permanently change their viewpoint or perspective.

Choosing the words used is also important in the art of persuasion. Every word and the manner it is delivered determines how effective the methods of persuasion can be used on people. there are different ways of making words work to persuade. One example is that rather than make a normal request for something, making an unusual request  may get people to pay attention more and thus ready for persuasion.

Unusual requests would usually lead people to wonder why you are making that particular request. This will further lead them to pay closer attention to you. If they catch your interest and begin to ask you why you are making such an unusual request, then you can put the different methods of persuasion to work.

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