Choosing Participants for the Meeting

Anyone may be able to conduct a meeting. But conducting a meeting properly is not something that anyone can just do. It may require a set of skills that needs to be learned and practiced. Although these skills may even be overlooked by the most experienced managers, they can help one to conduct meeting the right way.

There are different types of meetings that can be held in an office or workplace at any one time. The process to be used in conducting them would usually depend on the type of meeting required.

There are meetings where the bosses have to meet with the staff. There are meetings that only require the bosses to be present such as in conducting planning meetings and such. There are also some informal meetings that might require the presence of everyone such as problem solving meetings and brainstorming meetings.

One of the initial steps of preparing meeting is selecting the participants. As mentioned above, this will depend on what type of meeting is to be conducted. Would it require the presence of everyone? Should the big bosses attend? Should it only require a certain department to be notified?

The decision on who will eventually attend would depend on what needs to be accomplished after the meeting. This might be such a simple and obvious fact, but many times have meetings been conducted without all the right people in attendance. If you are not sure on who you would want to attend to achieve the goals of the meeting, you can also ask from other people as well.

Once you have the list of the people that you would like to attend on the upcoming meeting, the next step is to notify them. The best way is by personally calling each of the participants to tell them about the meeting. This will ensure that they get the message personally and fail to attend for lack of information. It is also important that you inform them on why their attendance is a must. Also make sure that you inform them ahead of the scheduled meeting in order for the participants to have time to prepare.

It is also important to follow up on your initial call with sending out meeting notices to the participants informing them on the agenda, the place and the time of the meeting. Don’t forget to include your contact information just in case the participants would need further information or have other questions.

It is also important that you find someone in the office to be able to handle the task of recording the minutes of the meeting. This is usually the job of the secretary or the administrative assistant.

In the absence of such, it is important that you have designated the proper person to do the job since it is important that the designated assignments, due dates and other important matters are duly recorded in the presence of every one at the meeting for proper dissemination later on. The records will also provide the information on when to follow up the actions being taken as discussed at the meeting.

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