How to Be Punctual

Arriving to work on time or earlier is a practice that is very much appreciated and admired.  However, not everyone finds punctuality an easy task.  Tardiness creates a negative impression on others, as well as increases your stress at work and resorts you into cramming.  Adapting the practice of punctuality is neither difficult nor complicated, as these following suggestions would show you.

Arrive to work earlier instead of just being on time

Plan your travels beforehand in such a way that you would reach your office earlier rather than being just on time.  It allows you to make any necessary adjustments, such as preparing the laptop for your meeting or cleaning your workspace, before the start of your appointment or work for today.

Create a time management chart

Take note of all your daily activities and see how much time you spend on each task, as well as how many tasks have become repetitive or periodic.  Prepare a time schedule based on these tasks, wherein you allot time for each activity.  Put the schedule around your home and workspace so you can remember how much time you need to complete a particular task.

Set your clocks to the correct time

There is no point in setting your clocks and watches five to ten minutes early since you do not follow the set time anyway.  Having your time set in advance gives a subliminal awareness that time is running ahead anyway and you have more time before you can get started on your task.  Check the time on your office, then set your clocks in sync with it.

Prepare beforehand

If you have an appointment early in the morning, prepare yourself the night before.  Have your clothes pressed and lay them out, put all your necessary documents in your carrying case and keep them ready.  All you have to do the day after is to take a warm shower, put on the clothes, pick up your carrying case, and you are good to go.  Do not forget to sleep early, setting your alarm at least 30 minutes ahead of your usual waking time.

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