Keep Employees Focused During The Holidays Season

If an important holiday comes near such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even Memorial Day, employees tend to be distracted. They think of too much about the gift giving, the shopping, the parties, the decorating, the gift wrapping, etc. that they get stressed out and lose their focus on the work at hand.

What should an employer do to maintain focus among employees as the Holidays approach?

Set an example

Your leadership is crucial in maintaining productivity during the holiday season. If your attitude and management style are lax during this time, such as coming in the office late and producing less than usual, chances are your employees would take your lead and slack off as well. You need to stay focused on your goals and your employees would do the same.

Reinforce your mission statement

This could be a good time to remind your employees of the organization’s fundamental purpose as well as your short and long-term goals. You could also set some new goals and let your inspired excitement and drive be contagious.

Don’t be a scrooge

Instead of being grumpy as the holiday nears, perk up the morale and productivity by giving your workers some holiday treat to look forward to or enjoy. You could set up a celebratory luncheon, festive decorations, or small tokens of appreciation like brining in bagels and coffee, or simply expressing your heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

You could also consider giving each employee a company holiday gift, although this could be costly. Another great suggestion is to provide your employees with some flexibility in work-time shifts so they can get those critical holiday errands accomplished. Consider scheduling company holiday celebrations and parties during normal business hours so you won’t take away from the worker’s personal time.

Don’t let history repeat itself

If your company suffered productivity the last holiday season, you need to identify what went wrong and come up with viable solutions, asking from your workers for some input whenever possible. For instance, if work time and employee relations suffered because certain employees took overly-long lunch breaks, you need to set down strict guidelines about lunchtime limits for all.

If company orders were up last holiday season but you didn’t have enough customer service help to keep up, then plan on employing more people or temporarily shifting work responsibilities in order to handle the load.

Reflect on and share accomplishments

Take time to think about all the accomplishments your company has achieved during the year. Focus on the positive contributions and be sure to share these with your staff, being certain to thank each and all for whatever part they played. Being appreciated lifts the spirits and goes a long way to staying motivated during the stressful and harried times.

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