Make Your Current Job Work for You

In these troubled times, it would be unadvisable to quit your job even though you have become unhappy with your current work. However, you probably have not done anything to solve any problem that plagues your current job.

You need to determine why you are unhappy in your current job. Were there any other problems that affect how you feel about your work? You should not make any hasty decisions until you have thoughtfully considered your options.

The follow are the common reasons why people leave their jobs, as well as how to determine whether you really need to pack your bags and go or you should take action to make it work.

You feel stuck in your job

You think your current job has no hopes of promotion and there are no other jobs that you feel like doing next. You may want to explore options with your boss. Ask about opportunities for lateral moves or for more interesting assignments that would stretch your skills. Companies appreciate people are have a sense of initiative and who want to continue to learn and grow.

You feel unappreciated

You have this feeling that your boss or the whole organization does not recognize your efforts. Ask your boss about how he or she views your work. Tell your boss that you also like to sit down with him regularly to obtain feedback, both positive and negative, so you are able to improve on your strengths. There are certain cases when the feelings of being unacknowledged have to do with money. Try asking your boss for a raise or ask when you can expect your compensation review.

You feel overworked

With fewer employees, the company encourages its employees to perform more with fewer resources. If you truly believe that you are working more than what you are required, discuss this issue to your employer after you have collected enough data and evidence. Try to convince your boss that the job can be performed more efficiently with more than one person.

Among the options include hiring a new employee, assign an intern or a part-time employee to work with you, identify responsibilities you can stop doing, and determine value-added tasks and eliminate job components are not important at all.

You do not like your career

Some workers may realize that they have chosen the wrong career path. They either do not like the activities or even the actual nature of the job. You may want to consider spending a year exploring your career options such as meeting with people who are already working in the industries you are considering, as well as determining credentials and education needed to pursue your dream career. Once you have decided to transfer to another career, create a timeline that plans your path towards a new career.

You do not like your coworkers or customers

You need to make sure that you unhappy with your job not because of how you feel, but on the actions of others. For instance, you may get turned off at how your employer treats his or her workers, or when your co-workers constantly complain about their work.

You may also need to look into yourself and determine if there are patterns concerning your own actions. You probably have repeatedly start out on a new job, only to become disillusioned afterwards. If you are able to identify that pattern, that sense of unhappiness may all be internal in nature.

To solve this, explore how you can be able to control over any aspect of that bothersome situation. If constant complaining from coworkers brings you down, stay out of their conversations. You may also want to consider transferring to a new work station or trading customers with a coworker.

You hate your boss

The most common reason why workers leave their jobs is because they cannot stand their bosses. If you think you hate your boss because he is abusive and controlling, this is understandable.

However, there are some attitudes your boss exhibits that you find appalling, such as a lack of direction, failure to appreciate the performance of the staff, or lack of effort in developing the talents and abilities of their employees.

To deal with this, talk to your manager about these concerns or have yourself transferred to a different department. If you are planning to leave the company anyway, talk to the Human Resources Department to see if they can remedy the situation.

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