Management Skills For New Managers

A lot of newly-promoted senior executives approach the workplace with good intentions. They want to be effective leaders, be fair, be able to articulate goals, and especially motivate their employees to follow them up any hill.

However, many leaders such as yourself get blindsided along way mainly because they lose perspective. This is one of the biggest work "land mines" you could trip over, and also one of your most dangerous vulnerabilities.

Here are some great tips for maintaining your perspective about your power, your impact on your employees, the way you are seen by others, and the influence you wield in the office.

Show your appreciation – You need to find ways to show your appreciation for your employee’s efforts. Suggestions include celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or when your team has reached its required sales quota. You could also have a night out on every payday.

Only hire the best – There are two major traps new bosses often fall into: hiring weak staff members, and bringing in a member of the team who doesn’t fit with the company’s culture.

Do not overstep boundaries – Do not make the mistake of choosing staff members as your confidante. Instead, try pulling together a personal Board of Directors from outside the company.

Avoid out-of-sight oversight – There may be times when some of your subordinates may work outside of the building. It is essential that you maintain your perspective about everyone who reports to you. When you manage outside offices, try showing up on-site unannounced.

Be aware of you own biases – Avoid favoring certain staff members. Your first day of your higher job is the last day when you hear completely honest and undistorted information. Take note that with your position may be used by some of your team members to maligned other workmates.

You need to challenge yourself in creating an environment that invites high morale, low turnover, consistently peak performance, and a reputation for integrity and fairness. Remaining vigilant and learning how to spot potential land mines would help you avoid derailing your career.

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