Stop Being Miserable at Work

Many employees tend to appear miserable while at the workplace. They feel like they would rather not get up to work on a Monday. They feel unchallenged, unhappy, or engage in unstoppable, unjustified complaining all day long. You are probably one of them, and your workplace misery has caused you to hate your job.

However, being grumpy at the workplace could falsely reflect your personality, which may go against you in certain situations such as performance appraisals or when providing reference to your future employer. Here are some tips on how not to hate your job.

Stop hanging out with difficult people

Avoid participating in conversations or hanging out with people who always find fault with the company, the management, the customers, their coworkers, and other aspects of your job. Legitimate concerns can be addressed aside, but constant unhappiness and criticism can be contagious and would affect your performance.

Stop sticking to an unchallenging, unexciting, and unrewarding job

Working at a job that does not fulfill you could eventually drain everything from you: your happiness, you enthusiasm for work, your life. Consult a career counselor at your local community college, technical school, or adult education program.

Look for other job opportunities that involve working in an industry that would suit your personality and work style (some prefer working in an office, while others like to move around places). If your current skills have nothing to do with the industry you aspire for, find ways to make it relevant.

Take responsibility for your own development

Some companies do not even bother giving their workers a performance appraisal or even a mere feedback about areas they need to improve for their personal and professional growth. If that is the case in your workplace, take the initiative and find ways to take care of your personal and professional growth.

Stay away from bad bosses

Whether your boss tends to abdicate responsibility or simply nasty, bad bosses are hard to deal with. So why stick to them?

Resign from a company that has business practices you disrespect

Do you have working for a company that lies to customers? Your employer makes promises he never kept? Leave as quickly as you can. You cannot change that prevailing culture, especially if your employer does nothing with it.

Resign from a company that is constantly in danger

A simple financial woe is not enough to lower the morale of employees, but if the company keeps on operating even on near bankruptcy can wear out your optimism and enthusiasm.

Never stay in a job you feel stuck

If you feel that your career in a company does not progress, such as having another person get promoted instead of you simply because of a lack of education, experience, or mentoring opportunities.

You tried searching for other responsibilities and an expanded job, but your appeal was reject by the office. If you dream of becoming more successful and being able to expand your knowledge and career, then you need to step out and find better opportunities.

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