Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Good managers require good communication skills. Without such a skill, it would be difficult for a manager to implement strategies and plans needed for an organization to be successful.

Poor communication skills would make any organization lack the proper direction because objectives are not being made clear. Confusion may arise from a manager who fails to delegate work and implement directives effectively due to poor communication skills. Whether in written or oral form, every manager must be able to develop excellent communication skills for it is necessary in order to effectively lead a department or a whole organization.

First and foremost, managers should develop better person to person communication skills. Through this, they will be able to develop how to express ideas and concepts in a way that others may understand. It is important that managers know how to explain in the most simplest terms even the most complex strategies and programs to employees. Good managers should develop good speaking and presentation skills in order to do this.

Good speaking and presentation skills can greatly help make a manager an effective communicator. Excellent presentation skills can put a manager on display and show his abilities and competence as a leader. Through it, a manager may be able to motivate and inspire employees in undertaking the tasks required. Good presentation skills will show your capability as a good leader and decision maker in the organization.

Through good presentation skills, you can persuade other departments about the benefits of any project which might require their support. With good presentation skills, a manager might also be able to impress senior management in order to acquire the resources needed to get a project running.

Just as a manager needs good speaking and presentation skills, having an excellent skill in listening is also a mark of a good leader. A manager with a good listening ear help avoid misunderstandings. It can help eliminate further confusion by being able to get what the other side is trying to say. Having a good listening skill can require a manager’s undivided attention when someone speaks. It will show how much interest a manager has on what a speaker is saying.

Letting a speaker finish sentences before saying anything also shows good listening skill. Paraphrasing is a good listening tool for managers to use since it helps make one listen carefully to a speaker. It can also help eliminate any misunderstanding that can sometimes lead to conflict.

Feedback skills are also a part of becoming a good communicator. It is learning how to respond effectively to something that has been said. A good manager must be able to express effectively opinions as well as impressions. It is a skill that may need a bit of polishing in some managers.

In order to be good at it, one must be specific in disagreeing or agreeing. Being too general may tend to make you vague in your intentions. When giving feedback, emotions should be set aside and instead try to be as descriptive and as logical as possible. Being tactful enough when disagreeing is a mark of having good feedback skills.

Part of learning how to communicate effectively and develop such a skill also includes written communication. Written communication is the formal means of getting your message across in any organization. Effective writing is a valuable skill needed by every manager in order to be more competent in leading a group or an organization. But it takes more than just writing eloquent letters. More important is trying to make one’s writing easy for others to understand.

In order to do this, one must be able to write briefly and to the point. There is no need to make elaborate reports which might be covered in confusion. It is better to always stick to the subject at hand without veering away from the main point that you are trying to get across. With effective writing, it is also important to always have the facts straight, Accurate writing will ensure that readers will not be left confused and misguided by unfounded facts.

Effective communication skills will help any manager become more effective in leading people as well as help keep an organization work more effectively. Developing this skill may take practice and might require a bit of effort from someone who is aiming to become a good or better manager. A good manager is an excellent communicator. Trying to become one will enable any aspiring manager forge ahead and develop the essential skills that he will need in making an organization work towards success.

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