Creating New Career Opportunities

Do you feel like you are being bypassed as younger colleagues get promoted in your organization? You need to realize that they were not given a higher job position because of luck, but rather they created their own path to promotion.

This is why you need to push yourself towards self-promotion. Let people know that you are interested in advancing your career. You can either advise your immediate supervisor or a representative from the human resource department about your intentions, or do the more recommended way of displaying your intentions through actions.

Solve an unresolved challenge in your organization

Try to pick a problem within your company that you think would be solved through your experience and skills. Write a memo outlining the problem that you have discovered, and then highlight how you will use your skills to solve that issue and contribute to the immediate objectives of the department involved. Send that memo either to your immediate supervisor or a human resources representative, whoever will benefit most from your approach.

Creating a proactive approach in your career puts you in a win-win situation. You gain a challenging and enjoyable career opportunity; while at the same time eliminate the need for a competition. Even if you are not promoted or given a new career, at least you have created an opportunity to demonstrate your value to the company.


Expand your knowledge in critical areas of your company by volunteering in tasks where you can demonstrate your value. Volunteering also creates an impression of you as being reliable, professional, and cooperative. Keep in mind that even you may have the skills and experience you need to resolve. At least in this situation, you know the right person to contact.

Record your achievements

Jot down all that you have done to enhance the organization’s bottom line. Take a piece of paper and divide it into three columns: Action, Result of Action, and Impact of Action. If you are responsible for the accounts payable, write "paying invoices" in the first column, followed by the result of such action ("paid in time"), and finally put how your action gave a positive impact to your company ("decrease in the cost of production"). The more you know about yourself, the more you convey your value to the right people at the more opportune time to promote yourself.

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