How to Motivate Employees

As a manager, you really can’t motivate anybody to do anything. However, you can create the right conditions for motivations so that your employees would propel themselves intrinsically.

Unlike popular belief, money does not motivate workers despite being an incentive. Instead, it normally activates employees to perform minimally. Creating competitions and recognitions among members, meanwhile, do not help as well because the desire to engage in such activities are not activated right.

If you are interested in knowing what would make your employees motivated about their jobs, here are some suggestions.

Provide employees with the needed expertise and tools – Make your workers feel competent to perform their jobs. These could either come as physical tools, office equipment, skills training, or some communication strategies.

Understand their point of view – Try seeing things from the employee’s perspective. You can start by asking them what they think, or conduct an anonymous survey.

Let employees make their own choices – Allow employees choose the ways and methods to get the results you are looking for. Let them have a say on how things get done and what the end result is expected to be.

Be responsive to employees – Show that you see them as human beings with a set of personal values and principles that they bring into the organization.

Let your employees discover their own authenticity – Assist your employees in their search to discover their destinies on the job and off. Then, explore the ways that employees’ values, principles, and destiny align with those of your company. Through this, they would realize their personal fulfillment and would have your workers act out of self-direction.

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