Influencing Business Strategy

team It is a dream of every human resource manager to advance their careers into something higher than a management job. There have been company executives who have come from human resources, so achieving that goal is not a long shot. If you want to fast forward your career towards a seat at the executive table, here are some tips to help you with that.

Understand your organization’s business

You need to realize that while you are dealing with the people involved in an organization, you also need to know what is going on within your organization. Talk with people from sales, accounting, quality, and other departments.

You also need to know who your customers are, how much are your products, and how you are going to meet your company’s sales goals. Help the people achieve what they need to keep the business running effectively, profitably, and respectfully.

Share the responsibility of achieving business goals and plans

Whenever you make plans for your department, these should be directed towards achieving your organization’s overall business goals as well as for your Human Resource Department. If you are supplying the best people performing at their best, expect that your company would reach your business goals in time.

Run your department like a business

Treat your department as if it is your own office. Hold weekly meetings with staff members. Discuss about achieving the department’s weekly goals, and make sure all members are performing towards the same direction.

Measure outcomes, not work progress

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the organization’s achievement of the overall goals, as well as identifying and measuring goals specified in the department.

Remember to serve the people

The Human Resources Department is an office for people need help, advice, or a sounding board to the employees, and you are there to serve the people so they can meet the business goals.

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