Managing Employee Performance

Employee evaluation is essential that a company remains competitive and efficient. Employee evaluation can also help ensure that an employee does the job efficiently according to his own competencies. There are several methods being used to evaluate employees and how they perform at their jobs. Such methods may not be able to fully provide a complete and accurate review of employee performance since there are some factors such as traits and personality that may not easily be noticeable through any employee evaluation means.

Performance appraisals are usually used to determine the extent on which the employees are performing their jobs effectively. .Most employee evaluation methods only try to assess performance wherein attitude may not have any part in the evaluation. The key to assessing an employee’s performance is how well they perform based on the objectives set before them. For setting the objectives for employee evaluation, they should be able to meet the principles as given by SMART. Goals that help measure employee performance should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results Oriented and Time Framed.

With goals and objectives following the SMART principle, it would be easier to appraise employee performance more objectively. Such objectives would provide performance raters with some basis to gauge performance more effectively.

Performance appraisals is a very useful aid that can be used for a variety of purposes. Appraisals can help gauge if programs developed to improve employee performance are effective or it may be necessary to change or revise them. Employee evaluation can also help in determining who should be able to receive rewards worthy of their performance. Performance appraisals can also help motivate employees to perform better.

Companies may also require formal employee appraisal procedures to substantiate any reason for promoting, transferring, rewarding or discharging employees. Performance appraisals can also be used in for human resource planning and trying to have a listing of employee skills and competencies. Employee evaluation is also an important aid to determine just compensation for an employee and help identify what to pay and come out with the amount that will serve as a fitting monetary package for specific employees.

Employee appraisals can also be used as a communication aid in a way. It can provide rater and a ratee with a means of getting to know each other through social interaction. Employee evaluation can also be used as a means of validating selection tools that is usually used by the Human Resources Department in a company such as new testing programs.

Employee evaluation is essential for a company to become more competitive and more productive. It is a means to achieve a greater good not only for the employer but to the employee as well. Job performance is everything to every company. Every means to gauge it can prove to be a useful tool if used effectively. But it may take the cooperation of both the rater and the ratee in order to provide a more accurate measure.

Many employees may provide some resistance to such employee performance appraisals thinking that such methods would undermine the company’s trust on them. But with right usage as well as making employees or ratees understand how it will benefit them, employee appraisals would be more than just a simple administrative tool.

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