Writing an Employee Recognition Letter

Giving your workers the recognition they deserve should be worth the time and money you spend on it. Anything that congratulates an employee for a job well done would certain make your whole workforce feel good about your company and goals. Employee recognition items range from congratulatory letters to bonuses and gifts, which motivates your workers and creates a positive employee morale.

If your company could not afford providing your good-working employees with annual cash bonuses, try giving them reasonably-priced gifts. Even company merchandise can work well as gifts. However, if by circumstance you cannot give gifts to your best workers, you can at the very least adopt the habit of writing letters to employees for recognition and thank them for their contributions.

A simple, personalized thank you letter that recognizes specific employee contributions goes a long way in helping employees feel recognized and rewarded. Adding it with another bonus like a gift even multiplies the feeling of "being belong" an employee experiences. Some employees experience a sense of accomplishment and gratification that they post the recognition letter in their cubicle, office, or workstation.

Writing a recognition letter does not need to be elaborate. However, it is more effect when you do the following on your congratulatory note.

Specifically describe the behavior you would like to encourage – Tell your employee why he or she is being given a recognition letter in the first place. You could also include that may his or her contributions to the company may inspire other coworkers to perform better in their duties.

Say thank you – Appreciate the notable contributions and achievements your notable employee gave to your company.

Give it in time to the event you are praising – If you are congratulating an employee for a perfect attendance the prior month, give the letter at the start of a the new month. You could also send the recognition letter close to Christmas if you are referring to the employee’s overall performance this year.

As much as possible, make it handwritten – Even in this day and age, handwritten letters are still considered more personal and adds a "human factor" to the recognition letter. However, if this cannot be achieved, a customized e-mail will do (but avoid sounding like a form letter).

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