Digging Deeper in a Job Interview

One of the most common mistakes that job interviewers would do to their applicants is when simply scratch the surface of each applicant, merely accepting what the candidate prepared as his answers to the most common job interview questions. A prospective employee may claim that he was a team leader for a large-scale project in his former employer. However, digging deeper into a job interview may reveal that he merely acted as a consultant to the project.

There are many ways to know the inner characteristics of candidates aside from letting them elaborate on their answers. Here are some of them.

Keeping quiet

Even the simple act of sitting silently after a candidate answers a question would force him to fill the void with more information, as he tries to impress you further or provide a more detailed report on a previous accomplishment.

Repeat what the candidate said

After the candidate answered something that needs to be elaborated, simply "bounce" the answer back. For example, an applicant said "I acquired a multi-million project with a very famous client," then you ask back to him, "You acquired a multi-million project with a famous client?" It would send a signal that you doubt his answer, making him elaborate his answer.

Inflate the applicant’s accomplishments

When a candidate says that he accomplished a large-scale project with his previous employer, take that position beyond or broader than him. Ask him, "Was that project your biggest accomplishment? Do you think it made you an experience project manager?

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