Hiring Great Employees

Remember the usual dating quote, "All the good men are taken"?  That is what usually comes to the minds of organizations looking for new hires:  All the best employees are all taken.  The recruitment process can be time consuming and expensive, but if you know how to look into the finer details of each candidate, you may end up with great employees for your company.

Check the length of employment

Whenever you read a candidate’s work history, check for how long they have worked for a specific employer.  If a candidate has several short-term employees, meaning that they tend to transfer to another employer in less than a year, it could mean a lack of commitment on their part.

Check for gaps in employment

Ask the applicant why he or she has a long gap in employment, which shows an absence of work for a significant period of time.  It can either signal a sign of boredom from working, or even a criminal background.

Watch out for overlaps

If the employment history of a prospective employee features overlapping dates, like working on Employer A then being employed with Employer B for two months before leaving the former company, ask for an explanation.  It can be a simple clerical error, but it can also indicate that the candidate is not being truthful about previous employers.

Match the skills

Have the job description and its list of skills at hand while reviewing the resumes.  Match your job description with as many skills as possible with one resume and the more likely you will have a great hire.

Have two kinds of favorable prospects

Instead of having two piles of resumes – one for the shortlisted applicants and the other for the rejects – have three stacks instead.  Separate your applicants who are likely to be hired into two:  Those who look perfect for you, and the ones that look good.

Call the perfect applicants first and ask them why they want to work for your company.  Listen to your instinct as you hear their answer and their voice for the first time, as this could affect your judgment about them.

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