Searchable Recruitment Database for Employer

There are times that the recruitment process becomes such a hassle that it becomes impossible to simply play it by ear and simply just recruit whoever you think will be a great fit for your company.

It’s important that you have a game plan where you will be able to recruit the best and find them the fastest manner possible. Here are a couple of tips for you recruitment firms or human resource departments.

It would be very prudent if you gathered all of the resumes or applications and enter them into a single database so that it will be accessible by all of the people in the department who need to get in touch with a prospective employee either for interview or followup.

You should ensure that your database will run via a keyword search engine. If you wanted to view all of the applicants who have graduated with an Information Technology degree, then you should be able to look it up through that search feature.

The database will simply pull up all of the records or resumes which have the words "information technology" in them. It will be database which will be easily searchable by area code, skills, fields and education level.

Implementing such a big project will entail that you either design a database by yourself or make someone else do it. However, you need not spend too much on the software as Microsoft Access will easily get you through it if you have your own desktop computer.

One word of advice: if you’re new to this database stuff, don’t get one which will need maintenance from the vendor. This will be costly and will become a very frustrating venture for you.

It’s important to keep printed, hard copies of your data up to five years since software and hardware crashes which can corrupt data are simply a way of life in the computer realm.

Also be sure not to delete any particular information or record of any person in the database unless a candidate is deceased. If a candidate were to become deceased, it should be followed that a proper transferring and referencing of data be done.

So that’s it. Archiving and collecting the records of the applicants will prove to be very fruitful if done correctly. It will be one of the best things that you’ve done as a human resource department. You’ll get to reference and search quickly your prospective employees in a pinch. Just remember these tips and you’ll end up hiring a qualified person in no time.

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