Using LinkedIn for Recruiting Employees

While many companies make social networking sites inaccessible to their employees within the work environment, others take a different approach and use these websites to their advantage.  LinkedIn, for instance, connects people with a network of colleagues, former and current bosses, mentors, and other important people within the industry. 

Members also create a profile similar to their resumé, displaying their work skills and experience to potential employers.  Meanwhile, recruiters likewise search for the best people they could include in their roster of employees.  This makes the site a hotbed for job searching without actually having to search for jobs, as well as a rich resource of skilled professionals.

How can employers maximize the power of LinkedIn?  Here are some suggestions.

Develop a network for referrals – Recruiters can develop and expand their network of professionals whom they can ask for referrals of a recommended candidate to fill a particular job opening.  All of Fortune 500 companies have employees who are also members of LinkedIn, making staff hunting a breeze.

Develop relationships – Build authentic relationships with your network of recruiters and other professionals, both virtually and personally.  This makes searching for referrals easier.  Not only will your network would not hesitate to extend a helping hand in your staff search, but also to provide them with prospective employees when they need it.

Stay in touch with some former colleagues – Develop relationships with former colleagues whom you value and trust, especially if they have worked successfully for you or with you in the past.

Use keyword search – Actively look for candidates within LinkedIn by using keywords with the required qualifications.  Do not forget to add your contact information so other job seekers can also contact you whether you are actively or passively looking for new employees.

Use employment search – Adding an employment record links members to other users who works and have worked in the same company.  If you are searching for people with specific skills and experience that other companies employ, it helps to search by employers.

Allow employees to access LinkedIn – Ask your employees to activate their networks so that they could reach out to their contacts who are passively searching for the right opportunity.  You may conduct employee referral bonuses to entice your workers further.

Use the Answers section – LinkedIn’s Answers section is a rich resource of information.  Responding to questions posted in this section can raise your company’s profile in the community.

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