Uncommon Employee Benefits

Providing employee benefits does not only have to end with paid vacations, pension plans, disability insurances, or any other advantage that would eat up a lot of your company’s budget.  Designing and administering an employee benefit plan can cover regular benefits like health care, sick pay, education reimbursement among others, but there are also attractive employee benefits that would not only keep your staff but also help recruit good employees.

Direct bank deposit

Provide your staff with an option of having their salaries directly deposited in their bank account at any bank or credit union that is a member of the Automated Clearing House.  Direct deposits would save time and at the same time clear the funds faster.

Wellness program

Health care costs are rising and this has gotten both employees and employers wary.  Companies can have their workers take responsibility for the health system by participating in a wellness plan such as any form of fitness programs, smoking cessation, and stress reduction.  These simple steps can improve employee absenteeism as well as overall productivity.

Company discounts

Provide a chance for employees to buy company products or services at a discount, either setting limitations on the number of items per purchase or designating an employee purchase day.

Parking privileges

Your company can either shoulder the expenses your workers spend in parking their vehicles or even for their commuting using public transportation.

Providing business cards and titles

Giving your employees business cards with their names on it as well as their title can offer an emotional appeal to them.  Your staff will enjoy the level of professionalism and pride that comes from having a business card.

Interest-free computer loans

More and more employees buy their own laptop computers (or notebooks) either for personal or business used, and they will be delighted to learn if the company would provide the privilege of buying a computer interest-free. 

Before implementing this policy, you need to determine the limit of the dollar value of the computer, as well as setting up an automatic payroll deduction. 

You also need to make sure a formal agreement is signed in case the employee who bought a computer leaves the company.

Community hours

Offer your workers a limit of regular pay hours in community service time.  If an employee wants to get involved in a charity event, have the company pick up the tab.

Education plan

Today’s work force requires lifelong learning to be able to keep pace with the changing demands of employment.  You company may not be able to pay the tuition for a MBA program, but you can offer your staff to further their studies at a local community college, in which you would reimburse their affordable tuition.

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