Celebrating Halloween at Work

Companies like to share the holidays with their employees, and this Halloween season is a great way to celebrate while at work. 

There are several reasons why Halloween is one of the most popular holiday among adults, first is that the holiday is not connected with any religion, making it rarely offensive among diverse employees.  It also brings out the inner child in us, as well as creates a motivational, teamwork-oriented work culture. 

There are many ways to celebrate Halloween at work, reminding your employees that it is not part of the content of work and it is voluntary.  Here are some ways in creating a Halloween celebration in your organization.

Create a "Halloween committee"

Form a small committee whose responsibility is to plan and execute the Halloween celebration in your company.  Remember that it does not have to be planned by the human resources staff every year, as you can rotate the primary responsibility to other departments. 

This allows team building and leadership development.  Also, with a new group creating the holiday event every year, staff is more likely to participate and fresh ideas are generated.

Costume party

The centerpiece of every Halloween celebration is when all employees wear costumes for the holiday.  You can either go for the simplest "wear your costume to work day" or take it to the next step and have a party or official parade of costume employees throughout the office. 

They can also go "trick or treating" with fellow employees and ask for candies as they parade around the vicinity.   It is recommended to spread the awards. 

For instance, give awards to the scariest, funniest, most sophisticated, and most unique costumes.  Make sure to announce the awards weeks before the party.

Treat your employees to Halloween treats

Lay out the table with popular treats during Halloween such as cider and doughnut for breakfast, and or having pizza and sandwich wraps for lunch.  Advise your workers to stay at the table a little longer to chat with fellow workers instead of walking back to their offices or cubicles.

Halloween decorations

Inform all departments that prizes will be given to the most festively-decorated work area.  This enhances team building by encouraging teams of people to work together and decorate their shared work area.

Pumpkin carving contests

Prepare several pumpkins for this competition open to all employees.  It is also advisable to take their children with them, and make sure that this schedule would not clash with the kid’s schooling.

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