Creating Alliances at Work

Working in an organization simply out of money and benefits can make a boring office life. Employees tend to seek for challenges within their own work, wanting appreciation from people they hold in esteem, even wanting the boss to notice that they are performing more than what is expected of them. Overall, people aim to accomplish their own personal work mission. And in order to achieve such feat, they need allies at work.

An ally is an associate who provides assistance and, more often than not, friendship. They are likely to support your causes and views, help you solve problems, provide advices, be your confidante, and offer a different perspective in order for you to see your organization in a broader sense. In order to build your own work alliance, here are some ideas in building positive, supportive, and effective alliances.

Always perform at your best in group projects

This does not mean that you should be the only one who works in a group effort, but rather the one who puts forth the best effort as well as the once who is willing to go the extra mile in order to strengthen the collaboration and the outcome of the product.

Choose your battles wisely

Let your colleagues’ opinions prevail on little decisions, or those that appear to be much more important to your coworkers. You will easily gain support from the decisions that are important to you.

Keep your promises

If you say you will do something, do it at all cost. People need to depend on you and the deadlines to which you commit.

Resolve any conflicts at the earliest opportunity

Keeping conflicts for too long would only undermine alliance building as well as creating a mutual, purposeful progress towards accomplishing personal and organizational missions.

Be a colleague’s ally

In order to have an alliance, you should let out a helping hand and support your colleague’s ability to accomplish his or her mission. Publicly express your support for your ally’s desired direction.

Never backstab or blindside an ally

If you have a problem with your ally’s actions, talk to him or her directly. Do not vent out those frustrations to your boss or their boss. Do not let your ally hear your grievance against them from another person.

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