How to Run a Brainstorming Meeting

Brainstorming is a useful method of creating ideas in order to solve a certain problem. This method allows the use of one’s creative energy in order to provide solutions to a number of given issues or challenges.

Creative approach is usually given more importance than logical thinking. Brainstorming sessions have the potential of coming up with more original and more unique ideas that can come in handy for organizations that thrive on innovation. It is only now that many companies have seen the usefulness of effective brainstorming sessions as a valuable tool to develop new products as well as in finding novel ways of doing business.

Brainstorming sessions have been more effective in small groups of eight to twelve people. The number of ideas generated will depend on how creative each of the group participants. In order to ensure that unique and more interesting ideas are generated in each session, it is good to bring together people with varied backgrounds into a brainstorming group.

In company brainstorming sessions, it is usually better to put together a group composed of members from the different departments to come up with a good number of interesting ideas. Some companies may even resort to bringing outsiders into brainstorming groups to provide a fresh perspective into a certain project.

A creative brainstorming group can come up with the most number of idea. Creativity is what should fuel every brainstorming session. But certain steps should also be taken in order to ensure that each session ends productively. Here are some tips that can help plan more effective brainstorming sessions.

Opt For Quantity

During brainstorming sessions, it is always good practice to come up with as much ideas as possible. It is through this wealth of ideas that a quality solution may be developed. During brainstorming sessions, every idea should be considered, no matter how outrageous they may be. Effective brainstorming sessions thrive on continuous idea generation. The more ideas that come out from the session, the better the result. The quantity of ideas may be able to give the participants .

Criticism Is Not Allowed

There is no room for criticism during brainstorming sessions. Criticism will only limit the output of ideas. Every participant should be given free rein in coming up with ideas without the fear of being criticized for it. A criticism-free session will encourage more creative ideas from the participants.

No Idea Is Too Outrageous

In brainstorming sessions, every idea generated should be considered. No idea should be left out. Brainstorming deals with finding creative and original ideas that become solutions to stated problems. Some of these solutions can be developed from a basic idea that may prove to be outrageous at first glance. A reason why such ideas can sometimes be deemed too outrageous is that no one may have thought of them before. Another reason might be that people fail to see a connection to the problem being solved at the brainstorming session.

Clearly Define The Problem

Some brainstorming sessions can sometimes end unproductively because of an ill-defined objective or a problem hasn’t been stated out clearly. In order to come up with great ideas during a brainstorming session, a certain problem or objective must be clearly stated. This will help guide the participants to focus mainly on the objective and generate ideas that relates to the stated problem. The challenge or objective brought into the session should be clear, concise and contain nothing else other than the creative challenge itself . This will help avoid setting limits on your brainstorming sessions that may sometimes hamper the whole creative process.

Combine Two Or More Ideas To Generate Other Ideas

This is the advantage of having more ideas to work with during brainstorming sessions. Participants get to develop more ideas by trying to make use of other ideas. They get to improve on different ideas generated in order to get more complete ideas.

Put Everything Down In Writing

At every brainstorming session, it is very important to write every idea generated. A more effective approach would be having a white board handy to jot out every idea that comes to mind. Writing the ideas on the white board, aside from keeping track of the proceedings, can help provide visual cues for the participants to generate other ideas.

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