How to Start a Book Club at the Office

One very great way to develop communication between employees in a workplace is by creating a stimulating activity that a lot of colleagues can take part.  One such event is a book reading club, wherein a group of employees voluntarily read the same book.  You can combine a book club meeting to a regularly-scheduled discussion to double the book’s impact. 

A book club meeting begins with one employee leading the discussion about the week’s assigned chapter, then let other members their thoughts about what they have read.  After which, a second employee leads the discussion about the relevance of the book’s insight and teachings to your organization.  A book club helps in magnifying learning among its members.

Creating a book club in the office is virtually easy.  All you need is to have your team voluntarily buy a book and begin the discussion.

Determine if your co-workers are interested

What is the joy of creating a book club if your colleagues are not interested about it at all?  Send your co-workers an e-mail and gauge how they are interested about reading a book on their own time, then meet at around lunch once a week to discuss the book.

Ask for recommendations

At some instances, your organization leaders as well as other customers, and your own family, may have a book in mind that they would like for other employees to see.  Remember that this can also depend on who the volunteer readers are.

Allow more audience participation

Allow your voluntary readers to campaign about the choice of book to be read and discussed.  Let your colleagues vote for their favorite books.

Let the company buy for the book

Instead of having your co-workers buy the book of the week on their own, it is recommended to have the company purchase copies of the book.  It is a small price to pay, wherein your employees can either keep the book for themselves or have them stored as information material after use.  You can even reuse these books to the next batch of voluntary readers.

Determine what to read

Before holding a book club meeting, hold a quick organizational discussion and determine the number of chapters the group wants to read every week.  Once the chapter of the week has been chosen, distribute the books to your co-workers.  You can also take this opportunity to determine the regular meeting time.


During your book club meeting, let a volunteer reader lead the discussion about the book, then let another employee lead the relevance discussion.

Repeat the process

After the group completes the book reading, select a new book using the procedure stated above.  Send an e-mail to the company announcing about the next book club meeting, as well as soliciting members for lunches and additional book copies.

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