Finding the Work You Love

If you tend to feel dread at your current work place, you need to explore all other options life has to offer.  Since you spend a substantial part of your life at work, why not make that time as professionally and personally rewarding as possible?  By spending time exploring your interests, values, and option, you have a great deal to gain.

Spend some time to know yourself

Take a vacation leave or a long weekend and devote yourself exclusive to thinking about your work and career.  Ask some tough questions on yourself such as, "Do you get to do what you like to do at work every day?" or "Does your job match your values and make a difference?"  Be honest with yourself and if your answers lean on the negative side, perhaps it’s time to explore your career path further.

Try writing down everything you want to do, accomplish, see, try to visit, and so on.  Check if your current career enables you to accomplish these goals.  If they do not, have a shot at getting what you want from life.

Read career books

The public library or your local bookstore has amazing collections of books about career exploration.  Take time to read several of these books and do the exercises recommended by the authors.  Consider it as a guided career coach to discover work you will love.

Take career assessments

The Internet has a bunch of online career assessment tests that helps you identify your strengths and explore your needs at the same time.

Select your goals and go for it

Plans help you move from having a dream to actually accomplishing the changes you desire.  The more specific the details on moving from where you are to where you want to be, the better chances you have of succeeding.

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