The Essence of Background Checking

Apart from selecting prospective employees based on work-based accomplishments and skills, hiring managers should also check the applicants’ background.  An effective background check seeks to authenticate the information supplied by a job applicant on his or her resume and interviews.  Once the hiring manager spots an inconsistency to the applicant’s claims and credentials, the company would

Basics on Holiday Pay

The Holidays have been drawing near and it is the most wonderful time among workers not only because they get to spend quality time together with friends and family, but also because they may expect to receive a bonus payment.  Should a company provide additional payment to its employees simply because they took time off as they celebrate holidays?  Here are some valuable information about office manageme

Implement a No Gossip Policy

The workplace should not be turned into a nesting place rampant and contagious gossiping.  Not only it is an unhealthy practice, it also causes mistrust between the employees and their superiors. However, the rampant gossiping in an organization is an indication that the company fails to provide transparency to their employees, especially when it comes to decision-making process.  If workers are left in t

Using LinkedIn for Recruiting Employees

While many companies make social networking sites inaccessible to their employees within the work environment, others take a different approach and use these websites to their advantage.  LinkedIn, for instance, connects people with a network of colleagues, former and current bosses, mentors, and other important people within the industry.  Members also create a profile similar to their resumé, di

Diversity in the Workplace

Many companies nowadays are trying to create a diverse workplace of different people from different backgrounds.  Not only does diversity add richness to your workforce, but also add new challenges.  However, many employers fail to realize that they tend to look into how different a potential employee is from his future workmates? Look for similarities, not differences – No matter what race, gender,

Twitter is a Job Qualification?

Best Buy puts up a job posting searching for a "Senior Manager for Emerging Media Marketing."  Aside from the usual qualifications such as a bachelor’s degree (although a graduate degree is much preferred) and two-or-years of experience in marketing, the company is also looking for qualifications that address a candidate’s enthusiasm to new forms of media.  For instance, an ideal can

Interview Questions and Bad Answers

Job seekers can say the darnest things.  In a day filled with job interviews for a single job vacancy, there is at least one candidate who is bound to say a really bad answer. AOL recently compiled a list of "memorable" interview responses from top hiring managers and you would not believe what they have heard over the years of recruitment.  Here are the top ten job interview answers that we thi

All About Tuition Assistance

Organizations can provide various employee benefits beyond the usual salaries, health insurance, and vacation leaves among others.  If your company attracts young employees and are advancing their knowledge by taking up their masters, perhaps a little financial assistance could help them a lot, as well as boost your image as a good employer. The employer’s tuition assistance program pays for all or part

Practicing What You Preach

Many managers, including you, may have demanded for change and continuous improvement in your workforce.  However, your employees have complained that your actions do not match what you intend to say.  If you want change, of course you have to be part of that change as well. Behave how you want to see from other Before even announcing to your employees that they should wear their company ID at all times,

Public Speaking with Ease

Even the best businessmen would rattle their knees at the thought of speaking in front of an audience, whether it is a roomful of employees or rows upon rows of industry colleagues.  If you have a fear of speaking publicly, there are many ways to overcome your anxieties and position yourself as an expert in your area of business. Start practicing Even if you are not yet invited to speak in front of a graduati