Nepotism and the No-Spouse Rule

Most companies today prohibit any kind of nepotism. As thus, if two employees marry, one of them will get the boot. So where does the law stand in this issue? It appears that court decisions differ from state to state. Some employees alleged that no-spouse rules "violate their constitutional right to marry." But courts pointed out such rules do not keep people from getting hitched. They just keep them f

What Your Personnel Files Should Contain

State and federal laws allow employees to review their files and even make copies. And though state laws vary when it comes to details, it’s odds on that there is a court decision allowing access and prohibiting retaliation against your employee. That said, be careful about what you keep in your personnel files. According to, a personnel file should include the following: the job application

Do You Need a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource?

Many professionals dream of studying a post-graduate course, but that would take a lot of their time and energy.  If you are considering whether to go to graduate school, only you can decide on that.  You need to consider your interests, goals, dreams, and abilities.  At the same time, you also have to assess your skills, competencies, and weaknesses.  Here are some questions you need to answer

Are Noncompete Agreements Valid?

Companies often ask their employees to enter into broad noncompete agreements or employment contracts with broad noncompete provisions. The reason may be because they would like to keep exiting employees from working for a competitor firm. It may also be that you simply want to stipulate how soon an employee can start working for a similar company. Whatever reasons you might have for asking your employees to enter

Keep Hiring Legal

Managers, regardless of whether you run small businesses or big corporations, should have basic knowledge of the "legalities of hiring." These legalities do not apply to managers making a final hiring decision. It applies to all employers interviewing a candidate. You should know the legalities of hiring in the United States in general, and also those specific to your state. You should also try to keep ab

Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

Whether you are a large-scale company or a small entrepreneurship, it is important that businesses should also be in touch with the local community where they are based or where they are expanded.  Respecting other cultures and workforce environments are important challenges in garnering success.  In recognizing these differences, together with a sound Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, your company ca

Making Meetings Memorable

Ever wonder why TV commercials tend to grab your attention while business meetings can end up like a snooze? It is all about effective messaging, which compels you into action. However, the ability to move people does not involve magic powers, but rather effective communication. Applying these effective communication techniques can turn your business meetings from dragging routines into memorable conferences. Comp

Finding the Work You Love

If you tend to feel dread at your current work place, you need to explore all other options life has to offer.  Since you spend a substantial part of your life at work, why not make that time as professionally and personally rewarding as possible?  By spending time exploring your interests, values, and option, you have a great deal to gain. Spend some time to know yourself Take a vacation leave or a l

Intelligence In The Workplace

According to the result of a meta-analysis of more the 100 studies involving over 20,000 people, the abilities or skills needed [to succeed] at work does not differ much from the abilities or abilities required [to succeed] at school. This result of this meta-study is published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (January 2004), the press release of which appears in The findings of this me

Traps to Avoid in Staff Selection

Hiring an employee is what makes or breaks a company.  Companies who invest in getting the right people tend to become financially successful, have less turnovers, and have an overall better reputation compared to their closest competitors.  This is why hiring managers should avoid getting tripped into one of these hiring traps.  Hiring someone who does not fit the culture The new employee may have